This is an up-to-date list of recommended books for learning JavaScript.


Well-written guide for all ages.

A whimsical guide to JavaScript fundamentals.

Beautiful book covering basic JavaScript concepts.

For experienced programmers new to JavaScript. Free online.


An outstanding book on JavaScript and programming in general. Available free online.

A deep dive into how JavaScript really works. Part of a 6-part series.

An approachable and rich guide to JavaScript best practices.

A wonderful intermediate-level look at proper JS.

Perfect for experienced developers coming from an object-oriented language like C++ or Java.

From a leading JavaScript expert, a book covering modern JavaScript with test-driven exercises and quizzes. Half the book is available free online!


JavaScript underwent a major upgrade with version ES6 which was released in 2015. These books focus on the many new features introduced.

The best book on learning new ES6 features.

Fantastic book on ES6 features from. Free online.