The Beginner’s Guide to React

If you’re new to React this is probably the best place to start. The instructor, Kent C. Dodds, is a prolific JavaScript teacher and this is an hour-plus guide to the basics.

React Fundamentals - Full Course for Beginners

From FreeCodeCamp an hour-long introduction to React and its major concepts.

React Fundamentals

An exceptionally well explained introduction to React. The author, Tyler McGinnis, has additional courses on React Router v4 and Redux that I also recommend.

React 16 For Everyone

Scott Tolinski of LevelUp Tutorials has a friendly way of explaining even the trickiest React concepts. There are additional courses on Redux, React Testing, and Intermediate React that are also worth exploring.

Complete Intro to React

Frontend Masters has solid content and this course by Brian Holt is a detailed look at React via building a Petfinder web app. He also has an Intermediate React course that covers testing and more advanced React concepts.

Modern React with Redux

From popular teacher Stephen Grinder, an up-to-date course on the fundamentals of React, React Router, and Redux. Highly recommended.

Advanced React and Redux

Also from Stephen Grinder, an advanced course on React concepts including authentication, testing, middlewares, HOCs, and deployment. A good follow-up course to Modern React with Redux.

React for Beginners

From Wes Bos, probably the most well-known React course out there. It is a little on the pricey side but Wes’s conversational style of explaining React and JavaScript demystifies a lot of the confusion for newcomers.

Taming the State in Redux

My favorite guide to Redux this is the screencasts version of the book.