Django For Beginners

Progress from total beginner to confident web developer with Django 2.0 and Python 3.7. The book includes step-by-step instructions for five progressively more complex web applications: from a “Hello World” app all the way to a robust Newspaper app with complete user authentication flow, custom user model, foreign keys, and more.

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Available in eBook (free updates), Kindle, or Paperback.

REST APIs with Django

The internet is powered by RESTful APIs. With the combination of the Django web framework and Django REST Framework, software developers can build robust web APIs in the Python programming language with a minimal amount of code.

If you already know basic Django you can transform your websites into APIs in a matter of minutes. In this book we’ll go well beyond the basics and build three progressively more complex APIs. We will learn how to connect a backend API to any frontend (such as React). And dive into advanced topics like user authentication, permissions, documentation, and more.

Available in eBook (free updates), Kindle, or Paperback.