About me

Hi I’m Will, a software developer and teacher. This is my personal site; I also run LearnDjango.com, which is a dedicated platform for learning the Django Web Framework.

I’m a Board Member (Treasurer) of the Django Software Foundation, have written three books, co-host a weekly podcast, co-write a weekly newsletter, and speak regularly at conferences including DjangoCon in both 2018 and 2019.

Previously I worked at numerous early-stage startups, most notably Quizlet, and taught computer science at Williams College. Outside of programming I’m an avid reader. If you’re curious about the design and hosting of this website, I’ve written a detailed post on the topic.


Django Chat Podcast

Django News Newsletter

Logo is in the works, here is the link for the site!

Selected Projects

  • Awesome Django - curated list of awesome Django resources
  • InstallPython3.com - guides for installing Python 3 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook
  • DjangoX - starter framework for new Django projects
  • DRFX - starter framework for new Django REST Framework projects
  • SQLjs - online SQL interpreter
  • HTML Escape Tool - automatically escape/unescape HTML code


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