If you use Cloudflare it’s possible you’ve come across a Error 522: Connection timed out error. What’s frustrating is that this error only seems to occur in Chrome. If you open the same page in Safari or Firefox it will work. So what’s going?

Cloudflare 522 page

Cloudflare does have a support page for this issue that describes why it is happening but not how to fix it. In my case the issue was having SSL set to “Full” when it should have been “Flexible”.

Cloudflare 522 page

I host this website, which is static, with S3 and Cloudflare. But I don’t actually have an SSL certificate, which is needed for “Full” SSL as Cloudflare explains here. Switching my SSL setting to “Flexible” solved the issue for me


If you’re interested in learning how to host a static site with HTTPS for pennies a month, I wrote a tutorial on how to do this with S3 and Cloudflare.