Flask is an excellent Python-based web framework that takes a minimalist approach, making it ideal for both beginners who want simplicity and experts who demand extreme customization. The other big Python web framework, Django, sits somewhere in between. I’ve written a separate post, Flask vs Django, if you’re curious about the relative pros and cons of each.

Despite its popularity, there are very few good Flask learning resources available. The Official Flask Tutorial walks you through building a basic blog application. And the following books, courses, videos are a good way to advance to the next level.

A very good introduction to Flask. If you're looking for a paperback book on the topic, this is basically it.

An online course that takes a test-driven development approach to building web applications with Flask and Docker.

Another online course that combines building a Flask API with React for authentication.

For videos, there are many available on Udemy and other platforms. My recommendation is the in-depth Build a SASS App with Flask and Docker video course that walks step-by-step through building an e-commerce site.