Online videos are a fantastic way to learn the Python programming language. You follow along with the screen of the instructor and see how to implement Python features from scratch in a real-world environment.

Here is an up-to-date list of online Python tutorials that I recommend.


Python Tutorial for Beginners

Corey Schafer’s series is a friendly, approachable introduction to Python programming basics. He also has additional courses on web development with Flask and Django.

Python 3 Basics

Harrison Kinsley’s videos are a comprehensive look at Python 3 features for beginners. There are additional video series on machine learning and web development with Python.

Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps

From Michael Kennedy, host of the Talk Python podcast, this is a beginner-level course that builds 10 apps from scratch including a movie search app, real-time weather client, and more.

100 Days of Code in Python

An intermediate-level course from Michael Kennedy that covers building 33 different projects with Python!