This is an up-to-date list of recommended books for learning the Django Web Framework.

Django 3.0

Create, test, and deploy 5 progressively more complex Django apps.

Pro websites with Docker, payments, search, permissions, and more.

Build powerful web APIs with Django and Django REST Framework.

From the authors of Two Scoops of Django.

Django 2.2

Beginner guide to Django fundamentals.

Django 2.1

A beginner-friendly guide to Django.

Create a real-time taxi app with Channels and Angular.

Build an e-commerce site using Django and Channels.

A task-based approach to Django featuring 100 practical recipes.

Django 2.0

An approachable guide to Django from a designer turned developer.

Modern Django guide with API design chapters.

Build 4 separate Django projects including a blog, social website, online shop, and e-learning platform.

In-depth look at customizing the Django admin. Free.

Learn how database models really work in Django. Free.

Extend the official polls tutorial into an API. Free.

Django 1.11

The best-practices bible for Django developers.

A test-first approach to building Python/Django applications.

Intermediate-level take on Django and APIs.

RESTful web APIs with Django.