Django Blog Tutorial

A just-released 12-part YouTube series on building a blog website with Django 2.0. Highly recommended.


Over 100 screencasts and tutorials on a wide variety of topics. Many are available for free and for “Pro” videos there is a monthly subscription option.

Django Web Development

Harrison Kinsley’s very popular 12-part series on Django development. It uses 1.9 and is from 2016 but is still relevant and a great introduction.

Python Django Tutorial

From Mike Hibbert a 34-part(!) introduction to Django. The content is a few years old but is still very well explained and covers Django fundamentals and advanced concepts in real depth.

Build a Django eCommerce Application

A step-by-step guide to building a complete eCommerce application in Django 1.11 with Stripe payments, MailChimp emails, Heroku deployments, and styling with Bootstrap.

Django Core: A Reference Guide

A deep dive into core Django concepts and advanced features like Celery and Redis for asynchronous and scheduled tasks. Uses Django 1.10.

Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

A very in-depth tutorial on building complete websites with Django 1.11. Devotes substantial time to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in addition to Django and Python.