Django 2.1 Authentication Tutorial by Vitor Freitas

Vitor is the author of the excellent SimpleIsBetterThanComplex website. This is an 8-part series.

Build a Startup with Django 2.1 by CSDojo

Follows all the steps to build a new webapp with Django from scratch.


A new YouTube channel with a growing list of tutorials on using Django, React, and more advanced concepts.

Django 2.0 Blog Tutorial by Corey Schafer

A 12-part YouTube series on building a blog website. Highly recommended.

Django 2.0 Guestbook by Pretty Printed

A 30-part series on building an online guestbook app and discussion of major Django features.

CS50’s Web Programming with Django 2.0 and JavaScript

From Harvard’s very popular CS50 track, a good overview of Django (and Flask) web development alongside JavaScript.

Django 1.11 Todo App by Brad Traversy

A concise overview of Django and building a basic todo application.

Django 1.11 Crash Course by Brad Traversy

A one hour look at core Django features.

Building Backend Web Apps and APIs with Django 2.1

From Andrew Pinkham, author of the excellent Django Unleashed book. Highly recommended.

Build a Real Estate App with Django 2.1

Build a real estate app with Django and PostgreSQL, then deploy to Digital Ocean with Gunicorn and Nginx.

Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp with Django 2.1

Create three Django websites–a word counter, a personal site, and a Product Hunt clone–and deploy each with Digital Ocean.

Build a Django eCommerce Application with Django 1.11

Step-by-step instructions to build an e-commerce applications using Stripe fo Payments and Heroku for deployment.