This is an up-to-date list of recommended books for learning Python.


Good for beginners of all ages.

Suitable for everyone, not just parents & kids.

Fantastic and well-written project-based intro.

Practical examples for total beginners.

Elegant intro to Python and computer science.

Build multiple games and learn Python basics.

Demystifies both Python and machine learning.

Highly accessible and practical introduction to Python.


A masterful, well-written guide. Highly recommended.

Wonderful collection of Python best practices.

A comprehensive reference on all parts of Python.

The classic text for learning Python.

Friendly guide to Python and computer science.

Nonstop tips to write truly Pythonic code.

Level up your Python with intermediate concepts.

Write better tests with the PyTest package.

Learn the full depth of Python itself.

I also have lists of the best Django and Flask books which are the two leading Python-based web frameworks.